imageThis is a pretty cool picture. I was looking for a good image to feature but it kept on getting cropped in the wrong places. I thought I would post it. To me it looks like the little voice inside your head sorting out all the information that comes into it.


Walk Around Campus

image image We took a walk around campus and took photos. These are some of mine. A poster for debate class, a sign on a bulletin board, the word “courage” from a statue, and a cropped picture of a bumblebee pollinating.image image

Favorite Fudge Book Poll

Please vote which Fudge Book you love the best!

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike by Stacey Riedmiller

I’ve been meaning to read this book. I heard it’s really good!

Nerdy Book Club

fish in a tree - final coverSometimes, as a reader, you find Heart Print Books.  You know the ones: they get in there and nestle right into the very core of you. The characters are people who become friends, settings that become tangible. For me, these stories (or experiences), have helped shaped me as a woman, friend, daughter, wife, mother, teacher or more generally, as a human being. From The Life You Save May Be Your Own (go read this NOW, Flannery O’Conner is amazing) to All the Bright Places, stories from impeccable storytellers continue to mold my very being.

After reading One For the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, I knew that the author had a knack for understanding the mind of my middle grades people. I waited patiently for Fish in a Tree to be released. With deep personal and professional experiences with special education, everything about this story appealed to me from…

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Top Five Favorite Authors

Here are my top five favorite authors (they are out of order):

  • Judy Blume: She writes great books for kids (The Fudge books), insightful books for tween/teens ( Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret; Then Again Maybe I Won’t), and books aimed for older teens and young adults (Tiger Eyes; As Long As We’re Together).
  • Wendy Mass: Wendy Mass mainly writes books for older children and tweens. Her books are usually between 200 and 300 pages. One really good book by Wendy Mass is called The The Candymakers. It is about four kids who are selected to compete in a candy-making contest. They start out as enemies, but throughout the story, they become friends. But something is suspicious and one ( or more) of them is not who they say. Who will win this icing-covered mystery?
  • Rick Riordan: Rick Riordan is the author of my absolute favorite series, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. In the series, Rick Riordan follows the life of Percy Jackson, a twelve-year-old demigod. But Percy is different from all the other demigods at Camp Half-Blood. Percy is a son of Poseidon, one of the Big Three of the Greek gods. You might be thinking, ” Greek gods? Wasn’t that a long time ago?” Well, yes and no. In the series, Rick Riordan portrays the gods as a moving, living , immortal, civilization. Now, they are in America.
  • Lauren Myracle: Lauren MyracleMyracle is the author of the Winnie Winnie Years series. The first book starts on Winnie’s tenth birthday and follows her throughout the year. It ends on her eleventh birthday and goes on to the next book. The books in the series go up until her fourteenth year. Lauren Myracle follows Winnie through good times and bad ( very bad).
  • R.J. Palacio: R.J. Palacio is the author of the the well-loved book Wonder. Now, because of many requests from readers, she has written Pluto( the story of August’s best friend, Christopher), The Julian Chapter ( the story of Julian, the main bully in Wonder), and Shingaling ( the story of Charlotte, a girl who is to shy to hang out with Auggie but nice enough to help him). Something is different about Auggie, though. He has facial abnormalities. He struggles to get through the fifth grade. Will he survive?

Judy Blume Books

Judy Blume has written many great books. Here are just a few of her many books:

  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  • Superfudge
  • Double Fudge
  • Fudgemania
  • Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great